This page will provide you with all the information you need to request a booking or see what’s needed to perform.

  • Shoot us an email at detailing the venue (place we’d be playing), how long of a set it’d be, and what kind of PA setup you have, if any. Our manager will be in contact with you quickly. We discuss rates depending on the situation, and do private parties as well as traditional venues.
  • Basic Requirements – Except in really weird exceptions, these are things we need to play a full scale show
    • Space for a drum set, two small amps, and two bouncing musicians.
    • A PA system to route mics through (xlr input for 3 vocals – we have our own mics, but can use yours)
    • 2 amp mics (or DI for the bass), and drum microphones
    • If these cannot be met, we also have played several acoustic (“unplugged”) gigs
  • We can conform to any needed set list time, but we usually play half an hour sets. Here’s an example from our last gig:

Plaid & Stripes
Shut Me Down

The set list just about exactly filled the preset play time of half an hour.