Foot in the Door

All 8 December 2013 | 0 Comments

This weekend marked our first venture to the Jared Dines recording studio in Roy, Washington. We had a ton of fun getting to know the studio, as well as the awesome staff there. We also have been lucky enough to get Caught Alive Media there to help us get good photos and videos of the recording process, and we hope to share their work with you as we get it.

We’re also happy to announce we will be playing Colossal Fest on January 4th, right before our friends in one of our favorite local bands, Truth Under Attack, at El Corazon. We’ll be on at 10:30, but bands will be on as early as 4:30, so come join us for an awesome Saturday full of local music in downtown Seattle.

We hope everybody has a great holiday season! We’ll be keeping you updated while we keep working through the end of 2013. We’ve got a lot of plans for the upcoming year, and we hope you’ll be just as excited as we announce them.


(And here’s another of our early demos for our new release!)

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