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Hello everybody! It’s been a crazy month, with a ton of exciting things happening. First off, we’re almost done recording our 8 track EP, which we will be releasing as soon as possible at our shows, and online, right here on our website. More info as it comes!

Secondly, we’re honored to be named one of the winning bands for KTUB’s One Song, One Chance competition! We will be working closely with Matt Bacnis and all the wonderful staff of KTUB closely over the next several months, as well as the other bands who were named winners at the finals last weekend.

Fringe Shift at the One Song, One Chance finals

Fringe Shift at the One Song, One Chance finals


We’ve been writing some new stuff as well, some of which will be appearing on our EP, and some you’ll have to come to our shows to hear ; ] We made a quick, rough recording of us playing one of the songs that will be on the EP, called Around. Hope you guys like it – might post lyrics for it later!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Love, Fringe Shift

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