Rambling On

All 8 August 2012 | 0 Comments

We’ve been up to a ton of stuff recently!

Writing new material, playing lots of shows, and last weekend we started recording with the help of our friend and talented recording engineer, Jeff Brown.

We’ll be putting out a new 8 track EP with these recordings, and we’re really looking forward to them. Not only will this be our first time recording some of our newest songs, we’ll also finally be getting recordings of some of our older songs with Matt and Gio.

And so far, it sounds killer, so we’re expecting these to turn out pretty awesome. We’ll be releasing lots of little previews of songs, artwork, etc. over the next month, so keep an eye out.

We’ve also recently gotten some brand new tang top style shirts, which we hand printed with love. Pick one up at the next show (this Friday!), they’ll be $9.

And as a thanks for coming by the website, here’s a live recording of Around from the acoustic set we played a few weeks back – enjoy! (Download it if you like it!)

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